About Us

Our Purpose

We believe community can make change

We created Reach to help world-changing brands connect and understand how their communities operate on social media.

We pride ourselves on providing the best-in-class technology so your brand can unlock the full potential behind your community.

Our Story

This is just the beginning

In May 2019, Rhys Lawson started persuing the idea for Reach due to his interest in sociology and his passion for automated systems. Since then he has been working with a small team of talented individuals to build an easy to use platform that not only provides in-depth community insights, but also automatically responds to comments or concerns using a naturally responding conversational AI.

Fast forward to today, we have built a platform that accomplishes much more than what Rhys had initally invisioned, but there's still more work to do. We have been working alongside brands to make this platform into something that will not only show the true potential of communities, but also will truly change the way we look at online communities.

Our Customers

Succeeding, together

We’re focused on helping our customers—large and small—better understand their online community, business, and customer relationships so they can succeed with social.